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What You Will Learn at a Travel Writing Workshop

Filed in Helpful Information by on January 5, 2013

Travel Writing Skills

Each Travel Writing On Location workshop has two goals — to teach you the skills you need as a travel writer and to provide an unforgettable travel experience to write about.

That’s because Travel Writing On Location is both a travel writing workshop and a travel tour. Each day includes instruction and learning, as well as fun visits to attractions, landmarks or other travel experiences.

Our professional tour guides provide experiences that few travelers will ever know and offer local insight and expert knowledge. At the same time, our teachers will provide the skills you need to craft those experiences into well-done travel pieces.

We offer a well-rounded collection of classes to suit diverse skill levels, from beginning travel writers to seasoned travel journalists who want to update their skills or learn more about online publishing and social media.

Here are some of the skills you will learn about:

  • How to develop story ideas and story angles
  • How to research and find expert sources
  • How to craft a strong introduction
  • Story structure and technique
  • Understanding the business of travel writing
  • How to approach an editor or publisher
  • Finding new markets for your work
  • How to use the five most popular social media platforms
  • Self-publishing opportunities
  • How to take photos that will help sell your work
  • 5-day and 8-day workshops also include an introduction to Word Press and setting up your own blog

By the end of the workshop, you can feel confident and encouraged in your writing work.

Check out our upcoming travel writing workshops.