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Insightful Travel Writing Courses

Travel writing courses

Travel Writing Courses

Our travel writing workshops offer a well-rounded class lineup, from introduction classes for beginning writers to online publishing, business insight and social media for experienced veterans. Each destination workshop will have a custom class lineup depending on the length of the workshop and class makeup. Please see your workshop detail page for an exact schedule of your workshop.

Here are some of the travel writing classes on offer:

Workshop #1:   So You Want to Be a Travel Writer

What does it mean to be a travel writer? What opportunities are there for writers in this field? This workshop will explore both the facts and the fiction about this exciting genre.

Workshop #2:   Introduction to Travel Writing

Travel writing takes many shapes and forms, from round-ups to service pieces to travel essays. This workshop will detail the different types of travel writing and when –and where — these forms of writing are used. You’ll examine your own writing styles, and determine what types of travel writing suits you best.

Workshop #3:   Developing Story Ideas and Angles

All travel writing is grounded in a story topic and story angle. This workshop explores where to look for story ideas and how to develop a strong story angle.  You’ll start work on a writing assignment by developing a story topic and angle to discuss with your small writing group in the afternoon breakout session.

Workshop #4:   Researching Your Story

This workshop will explore different methods and techniques for researching your story, both before you travel and while you’re on the road.

Workshop #5:   Story Structure and Writing Technique

From developing your introduction to outlining your article and wrapping it all up, this session will provide a step-by-step outline for crafting a winning travel piece.

Workshop #6:   The Business of Travel Writing

Can you make money as a travel writer? This lesson will discuss the realities of the travel writing business and provide tips on how to monetize your own self-publication efforts.

Workshop #7:   Pitching and Placing Your Work

Where will your work appear? How can you promote your writing? We’ll discuss how to research publications, query an editor and submit your work. We’ll also look at self-publishing, from creating your own blog to website, and discuss the growing role of social media.

Workshop #8:   Self-Publishing and Self-Promotion

Self-publishing opportunities continue to grow. We’ll discuss print-on-demand, online publishing and other self-publishing platforms.

Workshop #9:   The Role of Social Media

Power to the people! This workshop will discuss the growing role of social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Stumble and Facebook, and how to use these platforms to promote your work.

Workshop #10: Creating Your Own Blog or Website

In this workshop, we’ll help you set up your own Word Press blog using easy step-by-step instructions. We’ll also cover creating your own website with Word Press themes. Topics covered include registering your own domain, finding a hosting company and purchasing a theme.

Workshop #11: Basics of Travel Photography

Good photography is a must when selling your travel writing. However, you don’t have to be a professional to make the cover. This workshop will cover helpful photography basics.

Breakout Small Group Discussions

In addition to classroom instruction, our small writing group breakouts offer colleague feedback and encouragement.