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Interview with Lois Friedland: About.com’s Guide to Adventure Travel

Filed in Blog by on March 4, 2013
Travel writer Lois Friedland

Adventure travel writer Lois Friedland tries out the zipline at Big Sky, Montana

Lois Friedland specializes in adventure travel, luxury travel, skiing and golf. She is About.com’s Guide to Adventure Travel (www.adventuretravel.about.com ). Her background includes 20 plus years of writing for national and regional magazines, websites and newspapers including Travel+Leisure, The New York Times, Texas Monthly, Colorado Avid Golfer and the Dallas Morning News. She was western editor of SKI Magazine and co-owner of the subscription-based Snowsports Industry Newsletter.

We caught up with Lois between writing assignments, and asked for her advice on travel writing. Here’s what she had to say:

TWOL: How did you get into travel writing?

LF: I had a background writing for a newspaper in Michigan and later teaching skiing while living in New Hampshire. Once I moved to Colorado, I did not want work full time because my kids were young, so I started freelancing about skiing, then segued into travel.

TWOL: What is one thing that others should know about the field of travel writing?

LF: Today it’s a very rough profession to enter. Best to do it while you have a second job that pays the bills.

TWOL: What is your favorite thing about being a travel writer?

LF: I’m always writing about new and different locations and activities.

TWOL: What is the hardest thing about being a travel writer?

LF: Sitting at your desk and creating imaginative copy, when you’d rather be exploring the world. Also, getting editors who want to buy your work more than once.

TWOL: What are your two favorite destinations?

LF: Colorado (my home). Traveling: It’s Turkey and Croatia.

TWOL: Anything else you’d like to share?

LF: If you can break into the travel writing market, you’ll find it’s a satisfying, enriching way to have fun, see the world, and be paid to tell other people about it.

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